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The Enrollment Lottery is now completed.
†We are continuing to accept Letters of Intent for all grades,
† and children will be added to wait lists, first come, first served.
Please visit the Enrollment Process page for more information.
Fall Athletics Honors Night
Hello families of Fall athletes,

Friday, October 21, will be MacLaren's Fall Athletics Honors Night. The event will begin at 6:30pm in the auditorium with the honoring of the Fall teams and athletes and will conclude with a dessert buffet in the Gathering Space. Dress for the athletes is the same as we have for Honors Night (see page 46 of the Parent-Student Handbook).
We are also asking every family to bring something to contribute to the dessert buffet at the end of the event. Below you will find a link to the Sign-up Genius. Please review and consider what you could contribute for the night. Thank you in advance and I look forward to a wonderful evening!


Andrew Swanson
Uniform Return
Hello all,

As the seasons come to an end please help your child wash, clean, and return their entire uniform to either the front desk or Mr. Swanson no later than Tuesday, October 11th.
Thank you all for your support of the Fall Athletic MacLaren teams. I look forward to our athletic honoring on October 21st @ 6:30pm.

Andrew Swanson
Early Release for week of 9.26.16
The MS BSOC team will be released @ 2:45pm for Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's games this coming week.

Andrew Swanson
Roster for CSCS game
I would like to have our full roster at the CSCS game on Wednesday, Sept 21. Our team was a little discouraged after playing CSCA. Based on that experience, we will begin with a mix of starters and B-team players and then transition to a B-team lineup if we are winning comfortably. I expect this will be the case.

Go Highlanders!
Coach Shorey
Early release for week of 9.19.16
The MS BSOC team will be released @ 2:15pm for their game @ Ellicott on 9.19.
They will be released @ 2:45pm on 9.21 for their game @ El Pomar vs. CSCS

Andrew Swanson
Roster for Ellicott game
Parents, I received a question about which players are expected to be present for our game at Ellicott on Monday 9/19. I would like the following players to be at the game:
Max Ambuul, Michael Brophy, Sean Coffman, Aaron Coffman, Adam Fuller, Alex Marquez, Ian McGrath, Kieran McGuire, Dylan Pool, Jack Seibert, Xander Lemming-Shenberger, Joel Shorey, Daniel Smith, Miguel Sotomayer, Isaac Trevizo, Josiah Van Dyk.

All 35 players are encouraged to come to, if possible. I realize this is difficult, however, given the location. I also expect to play a limited roster because Ellicott will be one of the best teams we face. With these things in mind, please make a decision based on what is best for your player/family.

Coach Shorey
Monday's Games
On Monday, Sept 12, we have 2 games at 4:00 pm on adjoining fields at El Pomar. All players should arrive by 3:30 pm to warm up.

The roster for our league game against CSCA will be: Christopher Ambuul, Josiah Van Dyk, Miguel Sotomayer, CJ Hoppe, Michael Resendes, Nathaniel Smith, Connor Schooley, Joel Shorey, Alexander Tsepelev, Joey Horrigan, Stephen Ambuul, Calin Cascaval, Landon Ehlinger, Shepard Pennison, Johnny DeCelles, Jackson Carrion, Dan Thompson, Tharrin Meyer.

The roster for our scrimmage against Victory FC will be: ​Daniel Smith, Xander Lemming-Shenberger, Max Ambuul, Sean Coffman, Aaron Coffman, Jack Seibert, Kieran McGuire, Adam Fuller, Ian McGrath, Michael Brophy, Alex Marquez, Isaac Trevizo, Dylan Pool, Peter Dunbar, Adam Jackson.

Go Highlanders!
Coach Shorey
Early release for week of 9.12.16
The MS BSOC team will be dismissed @ 2:45pm on Monday, 12th and Friday, 16th for their games @ El Pomar (Mon) and their game @ Atlas (Fri)

Andrew Swanson
Early release for B team
Quick clarification: if your player is on the B team roster for our game against CSS on Sept 8 and will be attending the 4:00 pm game, they will be released early.
Rosters for our games against CSS on 9/8
On Thursday Sept 8, we have 2 60 minute games against CSS. Our league game will start at 4:00 pm and our B-team game will start at approximately 5:15 pm. Players on the league roster should arrive by 3:30 pm. Players on the B-team roster should arrive by 5:00 pm.

The roster for our league game (4:00 start) will be: Daniel Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Xander Lemming-Shenberger, Max Ambuul, Christopher Ambuul, Sean Coffman, Aaron Coffman, Jack Seibert, Josiah Van Dyk, Kieran McGuire, Adam Fuller, Joel Shorey, Ian McGrath, Michael Brophy, Alex Marquez, Isaac Trevizo, Josiah Mendoza, Dylan Pool.

The above players are not expected to stay for the B-team game, but are of course welcome to cheer on the team.

The roster for our B-team game (5:15 start) will be: Shepard Pennison, Miguel Sotomayer, Michael Resendes, Landon Ehlinger, Connor Schooley, Alexander Tsepelev, Stephen Ambuul, Joey Horrigan, Johnny DeCelles, Jackson Carrion, Dan Thompson, CJ Hoppe, Calin Cascaval, Adam Jackson, Peter Dunbar, Tharrin Meyer.

The players on the B-team roster are not expected to be at the league game, but are of course welcome to cheer on the team.

Go Highlanders!

Early release for week of 9.5.16
The MS boys soccer team will be released @ 2:45pm on Thursday, Sept. 8th for their games @ CSS (A game @ 4pm and B game @ 5:15pm)

Andrew Swanson
No practice on Labor Day
Just realized I had a practice on the calendar on Monday Sept 5, which is Labor Day. We will not practice that day.

Coach Shorey
Change of location for Manitou game on Sept 26
The location for our game against Manitou Springs on Monday Sept 26 has been changed. The game will not be at the middle school, but at Maestas Field, which is located at 45 El Paso Blvd in Manitou Springs. I put a map link in the Fusion event for this game.
Aug. 29th game postponed!
B-team games explained and other information
The purpose of the B-team games is to get playing time for athletes who may not otherwise play a lot of minutes. This will include many 6th graders, but the B-team will not be made up exclusively of 6th graders. I plan to have a roster of 15 players at the B-team games, and I will send this roster out separately for each such game. 15 is a nice number because it gives us 4 subs, so we can substitute tired players but we donít have so many subs that it decreases everyone's playing time.

If your player is on the roster for a B-team game that you CANNOT make, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can have another player there.

When we have split squads (i.e., B-team game and practice on the same night), I will keep siblings together.

Playing in a B-team game is an opportunity. It is not a punishment or a demotion. We may have some players on our B-team who would be starters in a different situation. Playing in a B-team game does not mean that a player will not get into the other games. Playing in the first B-team game does not mean that a player will be in all of the B-team games.

We have 3 scrimmages against a middle school club team called Victory FC. Two of these games will be B-team games.

We will play 2 of our league games with our B-team. These are the games against CSCA and CSCS.

For our other league games, I would like ALL players to be at the game at 3:30 to warm up. While we have 30+ players and only 11 can be on the field at any time, I want all of the players at these games so that (1) we have one team identity and (2) I can get anyone on our roster into the game if the situation allows. There is also some benefit to watching one's position played by someone else.

We are still trying to get an email list for parents. Hopefully it will be possible for the parents to arrange carpools, as needed.

For all game locations, you can use the Fusion page to see a map for each game location. To do this, click on the event and then click the "View map" link under the location.

If you are interested, the AD at James Irwin runs a website for the league. The following link will take you to the boys soccer page: http://ccal.myfreesites.net/boys-soccer. Please donít trust game schedule information at this site, as it is often incorrect. We will keep the Fusion page correct.

Go Highlanders!
Coach Shorey
Uniforms and first game
Parents, we will distribute soccer uniforms tonight (8/24) after practice. I will bring the uniforms to practice again on Thursday (8/25) for anyone who is not at practice tonight.

Our first game is Monday, 8/29. For this and all other games, please have your player at the field at least 30 minutes before the game start time. We need this time to warm up, stretch, and get our lineup set.

Coach Shorey
Early release for week of 8.29.16
The MS boys will be released on Monday, 8.29 @ 2:45pm for their 4pm game at El Pomar Field F vs Monument Academy.
On Wednesday, 8.31, they will be released @ 2:45pm for their 4pm game at Vanguard.
Contact information
Parents, 2 quick things:

1. If you need to contact me, email is best. My address is rgs78co@gmail.com. This and my cell phone number are posted on the Fusion page for MS Boys' soccer -- bottom right, underneath the game schedule.

2. I have requested a list of parent emails that can be used to organize carpools, but have not yet heard back. We can make our own. Please send the best email address (or addresses) for your family to Becky Fuller at ​fuller.family@live.com. Becky has volunteered to compile a mailing list that parents can then use to contact each other.

Coach Shorey
Coaching philosophy and goals for the season
Why do we coach?
  1. Because we want the kids to have the opportunity to play team sports. Our activity is an extension of the classroom. The kids will learn a lot from playing soccer, just like they do at school. This is the most important reason we are doing what we are doing.
  2. Because we enjoy teaching the kids and watching their progress.
  3. Because we want to help grow the MacLaren soccer program and train players for the higher grades.
  4. Because it is rewarding to watch kids fall in love with soccer.
How will we determine success this year?
  1. We build community within MacLaren. This team is a great way for kids to make friends and be with their classmates outside of school. This is one reason why we donít want to cut anyone.
  2. We show good sportsmanship, competing fairly and representing MacLaren with honor.
  3. Our players improve individual skills over the course of the season.
  4. Our cohesion and play as a team improves over the course of the season. We might start out playing a lot of kickball. But if we can progress to where our possession is better and we are connecting passes, that is a huge success.
  5. We help build/improve fitness in our players.
  6. We compete at a high level, representing MacLaren with excellence on the soccer field.
  7. The kids have fun. Soccer is a fun game to play, and this should be fun for the kids.
Our focus areas as coaches:
  1. Teaching the game. Rules, basics, tactics. We will teach the game and make sure every player understands the same things.
  2. Maximizing opportunities. In practice, this means we want each player to get as many touches as possible. In games, this means getting as many players onto the field as the situation allows.
  3. Getting the players to try new skills. Especially in a game. Players need a lot of encouragement and convincing, but if they are willing to try new skills they will improve dramatically.
  4. Learning to play possession soccer.
  5. Conditioning. Getting our players into game shape.
  6. Understanding the players that we have and getting them into the right positions and formations to succeed.
Tryouts Results
Because of the number of boys that have come out for MS boys soccer this year we are going to have 2 teams, a 6th grade team and a 7th and 8th grade team. They are going to practice at the same location at the same time but just as two separate teams. All 6th grade team players will be invited to join the 7th and 8th grade team for all games on the schedule and there will be a separate game schedule just for the 6th grade team. We will have a short parent/coaches meeting at the beginning of practice today (Aug. 17) to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you are unable to make the meeting, we plan to post the information discussed here on the team page. If you have any other questions, please contact me at awanson@maclarenschool.org.

Andrew Swanson
Athletic and Extracurricular Activities Director
Team Results
10/4/2016 Loss. 1-4. B-team scrimmage against Victory FC.
9/28/2016 Win. 3-0 against James Irwin.
9/27/2016 Win. 5-0 against Monument Academy.
9/26/2016 Loss. 2-3 at Manitou.
9/21/2016 Win. 3-0 against CSCS.
9/19/2016 Loss. 0-5 against Ellicott.
9/16/2016 Loss. 1-5 against Atlas Prep.
9/12/2016 Loss. 0-7 against CSCA.
9/8/2016 Loss. B-team scrimmage against CSS B/A team.
9/8/2016 Win. 5-4 against CSS.
8/31/2016 Loss. 2-4 against Vanguard.
8/30/2016 Loss. B-team scrimmage against Victory FC.†
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